MULTIRAIL BogieLoad Eco – изпитателен стенд за талиги


Two in one: the innovative solution for maintenance and assembly

Monitoring technology for production and workshop
Fully electromechanical, efficient and precise

Two factors are decisive for bogies during inspections: precision and efficiency.

MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad is a bogie test (bogie press) stand of the new, cutting-edge generation. One special feature is its fully electromechanical design with spindle technology, which is extremely efficient and ensures a high level of precision.

Integration stand and load testing in one go. When assembling and disassembling bogies with a combined load check, the individual vertical wheel forces in the bogie have to be quickly checked with sufficient accuracy. MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad eco combines the two functions of „load“ and „wheel load measurement“ in a bogie test rig on a shared workstation. The integrated wheel load scales in the track for process monitoring ensure improved process reliability as they provide information about the wheel load distribution at an early stage.