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MultiFlex B is an universal screw weighfeeder designed for very precise feeding of a wide range of alternatives fuels in cement, lime, power and heating plants. The most commonly fed materials are shredded plastics, textiles and paper, shredded tires and biomass fuels, such as wood chips, straw, various agricultural waste or pellets. It is also possible to feed coal and sewage sludge or meat and bone meal or almost any mixtures of the above fuels.

The MultiFlex B weighfeeder can be fitted with two discharge screws and precisely feed fuel from on bin to two independent lines.

The device consists of a cylindrical hopper and one or two screw troughs. Smooth transition of material from the bin to the screws is supported by an agitator ensuring continuous filling of feeding screws and prevention against bridging in the hopper even for material that is very difficult to convey. For material of high bulk density, the activator drive is fitted with planetary gearbox ensuring sufficient torque for activation of whole bin volume.

Main benefits:

Dustproof design
High-accuracy feeding, i.e. deviation below ±1 %
Easy integration of both explosion suppression and fire protection systems
Possibility to integrate a shut-off gate
Possibility to adjust an inlet position on the bin cover
Integrated prevention against overfilling and clogging
High stability of discharge of material with a wide extent of feeding performance
Hopper size from 20 to 50 m2 for a wide range of performance and ways of filling
Optimal split of large parts for easy transportation
Possibility of explosion proof design up to 200 mbar