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ModuPower MPX – високочестотен превключвател на захранване


ModuPower™ MPX, our high frequency switch mode power supply (SMPS), offers some truly unique features in the SMPS world. The ModuPower™ MPX name is derived from its best attribute, modular power. The power supply is comprised of multiple “modules” consisting of IGBT driver and high voltage transformer components. The modular design provides an inherent fault tolerance that is not achievable with other designs.

The modularity concept allows ModuPower™ MPX to achieve a wide range of outputs in varying voltage and current combinations allowing for customization of the rating for every application. Similarly, ModuPower™ MPX cabinets can be modified post installation if a different output is required when process, ESP hardware changes, or expansions are performed. These modifications are as simple as adding additional modules. This unique attribute means none of the original power supply components have to be scrapped. ModuPower™ MPX cabinets are fully integrated with all power electronics, cooling, and advanced ESP voltage controllers installed in easily accessible cabinet structures.
Remote Mounting Capabilities

The unique switching and transformer design of the ModuPower™ MPX SMPS allows for remote mounting capabilities. If the ambient temperature of the desired installation location is well above the power supply recommendations, the ModuPower™ MPX SMPS can be remotely located in a more suitable environment. The ModuPower™ MPX SMPS is connected to the ESP ground switch utilizing a high voltage cable. This unique feature lends itself to an overall lower installation cost as 480VAC three phase cable would not have to be run to the ESP roof.

The modular concept provides users with the maximum flexibility in power supply sizing, operation, and location of installation, as well as providing fault tolerance where never possible before (even with conventional T/R sets).

ModuPower™ MPX features include:

Outputs 50-120 KVDC
250 – 3000 mA Outputs
Modular Design provides inherent fault tolerance
External Ground Switch
100% testing on all Transformers
Heavy Duty Diode Stacks
Standard Sizes
Custom Sizes