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Kibbler мелница

Particle Size Range 150mm to 2-3mm




Kibbler Mill | KEK Range

KEK Kibbler heavy-duty Lump Breaker Mills, are designed to work in conjunction with other KEK mills or as a stand-alone mill in their own right. They are a solution for effective and quick size reduction.

The construction of Kemutec KEK Kibblers makes their performance strong and robust, whilst its specialist design allows it to demolish large lumps of material up to 150mm and grind them down to 2-3mm, for further processing. To ensure a consistent particle size, KEK Kibblers also classify material through a built-in screen.

In order to support the customer and to optimise their process, all Kemutec Mills are customised on a project-by-project basis.

How the Kibbler Mill Works

Size reduction takes place through a combination of impact, crushing, cutting and abrasion. Operating at a gentle speed, the heavy-duty beater sweeps product against the contoured grinding screen.

Available with cantilever grinding beaters, KEK Kibblers are ideal for food, pharmaceuticals and fine chemical applications. Their non-drive end access door opens and closes rapidly, for easier and quicker screen changes. This design offers maximum hygiene and simple cleaning.

Milling Applications using Kibbling

  • Deagglomeration – breaking soft to medium-hard agglomerates
  • Pre-Breaking – to sufficiently mill medium or hard material, the Kibbler can pre-grind and break large lumps
  • Coarse Grinding – to reduce large and course lumps into a size that is less than 3mm

KEK Kibblers Range Includes:

  • 4 sizes, from pilot plant to 90 tonnes/hour
  • Grinds from approximately 150 mm to 2-3 mm
  • Screens range from 30 mm to 3mm
  • Wide range of grinding screen sizes and types available
  • Interchangeable beaters to suit a variety of process requirements

KEK Kibbler Mill is a heavy duty lump breaker with the built-in screen classification to provide consistent milled particle size range.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy duty lump breaker and pre-breaker
  • Slow-speed, high torque size reduction
  • Cantilever shaft design available for maximum hygiene
  • Quick screen changes for speedy process
  • Easy access door for cleaning
  • Grinds all the way down to 2-3 mm
  • Strong and robust construction
  • Minimal ‘fines’ generation
  • Minimal heat generation
  • Control of milled particle size through screen selection
  • Low noise operation

Specific to Food, Applications can Include

  • Delumping of general food ingredients after discharge from a Bulk Bag – typically mount it on the discharge of a Flomat Bag Discharge station
    • Alternatively the same application, but mounted under a sack-tip opening station
  • Biscuit and Cookie Rework – especially good for making biscuit sprinkles for ice-cream and dessert toppings
  • Chocolate Rework – grinds larger lumps down into smaller gratings for easier melting
  • Popcorn Grinding – reduces popcorn to smaller size to include in cereal bars