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EcoDock – приемна станция за насипни материали при камиони с подвижен под


The EcoDock reception unit is designed for unloading of bulk material from trailers equipped with a walking floor. The unit consists of a trough screw conveyor and a cover box. On side edges of the inlet there are pneumatically controlled sealing valves preventing leakage of material from the unit during unloading. When being unloaded, the material enters the trough perpendicularly to screw conveyors that convey material to the next equipment, usually to a chain conveyor with a side inlet. In the event that the trailer is not connected to a towing vehicle, the walking floor is driven by an external hydraulic generator and unloading is then controlled automatically according to the requirements of downstream technological equipment.

Main benefits

Automatic unloading
Economically affordable alternative to more expensive reception units
Unloading capacity up to 150 m3/h (possibly up to 200 m3/h)
Wide range of unloaded material
Easy application of fire protection systems
Construction designed for easy maintenance
High stability of material discharge and the possibility of continuous regulation
Easy installation – construction works reduced to minimum plus compact dimensions
Possibility to adjust the sealing if the shape of the back part of the trailer is specified