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DISOCONT Master Touch-контролен терминал с тъч скрийн


Multi-functional, flexible, adaptable
The multi-talented solution fit for the future
The tried and tested MechaTron® feeder from Schenck Process, which enables accurate real-time adjustments to be undertaken with modular components, is the perfectly adaptable solution. The designs of the feed hoppers and discharge tools are matched to a wide range of bulk materials and are complemented by a mechanism, supported perfectly by the DISOCONT® feeder control unit. The solution allows a series of individual feed parameters to be assigned to any bulk material.

Intelligently controlling product changes
All plant operators know that for each new product they need to adapt both the feed parameters to the bulk material used and the recipe itself. The intelligent, superordinate DISOCONT® Master Touch control unit is responsible for controlling and coordinating the weigh feeder. When changing product, the parameter set in question is simply activated. The system “learns” to adapt to the new bulk materials using procedures prepared when first started up.