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Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying is suitable for transporting difficult, abrasive or friable materials and pushes material along a pipe in a plug form at relatively low velocities. This means minimal wear on pipes / bends, promoting minimum maintenance and long life. Efficient use of compressed air also gives low power consumption and running costs.

Clyde Process is regarded as one of the world’s leading Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying providers.

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Diagram showing the flow of material in a pipeline during Dense Phase conveying

Clyde Process’s range of Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems capitalise on all the assets of Pneumatic Conveying: Simplicity, Reliability and Flexibility.

Designed to be a simple and effective method of transferring material from a single collection point to either a single or multiple reception points and can be used throughout industry to transfer all types of bulk solid materials ranging from fine cohesive powders to wet lump coal.

Systems are available for materials at temperatures up to 450 degrees Centigrade and at rates of up to 100 tonnes / hour for distances up to 200 metres.

To provide the most effective system solution requires a range of pumps and pressure vessels depending upon the material and distances to be conveyed.  The range of pumps available from Clyde Process are as follows:

DensPhase Pump – a simple system for low flow rates and short distances

PD Pump – an efficient system for fine powders

CD Pump – a semi-continuous dense phase system

D Pump – a pressure controlled system

TD Pump – High capacity, long distances, batch system for fine powders

AV Vessel – small multiple pickup system for powers and granules