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Системи за пневматично подаване(инжектиране)


Clyde Process has powered pneumatic injection solutions across many industries and has consistently improved productivity rates, system reliability, availability and performance for organisations who operate within markets such as iron and steel and non-ferrous metals.

Total Pneumatic Injection Capability – Wherever there is a need to inject powdered or granular materials, into a process environment, there is a potential application for Clyde Process injection technology. Products can be continuously injected into process environments at smooth, easily controlled rates, with accuracies +-0.5% and against back pressures of 20 barg or more.

Applications of Pneumatic Injection

Blast Furnace Coal Injection
Granular Coal Injection
Pulverised Coal Injection
Deep Ladel Injection
Torpedo Injection
Flux Feed
FeO Injection
Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Injection
AOD Injection
Cupola Injection
Oxy-Fuel Burners
CT Converters
Slag Furnace
Reverbatory Furnace
Peirce Smith Converter
Blast Furnace
Flash Furnace
Bath Smelter
Flash Smelter
Flash Converter
Codelco CT Converter
Noranda Converter

Pneumatic Injection Technologies – RotoFeed and RotoScrew

The RotoFeed and RotoScrew systems both consist of two pressure vessels, a rotating volumetric feeder at the outlet and valves to control the air supply, material flow and vessel pressure. The volumetric feeder will be driven through a gearbox by a standard induction motor.

The RotoFeed and RotoScrew systems have been widely used in the power, steel and pig-iron industries, in order to continuously inject coal into blast furnaces, reducing the requirements of coke, and allowing fines to be injected straight into the blast furnace. Injection rates usually average at 185kg/ton of hot metal, although some operations have injected up to 210kg/ton of hot metal.

The RotoFeed can feed fine powders and the RotoScrew can feed cohesive or irregular and large granular materials as well as lightly abrasive materials.