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MoveMaster – лентови и кофичкови елеватори


Movemaster® Belt & Bucket Elevators from Schenck Process are designed for the Grain and Derivative Industry with up to five units and a maximum capacity of 400 t/h of wheat. Special features and benefits are available for the different industrial markets that focus on the reduction of degrading material. Elevator machine type capacity belt speed is based on dry wheat at a 750 kg/m³ density. The models’ belt speeds are all the same at 620 ft/min (3.15 m/s), despite different capacities – 40 (RB22140), 80 (RB2213), 130 (RB2218), 220 (RB2228), and 440 t/h (RB2240). In the event that fragile materials are handled, elevator speeds will be reduced to also reduce material degradation.