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Конус мелница

Particle Size Range D50 – 500μ to < 250μ




Cone Mill | KEK Range – World’s Most Versatile

A Cone Mill will carefully mill and grind material, at high speed, to produce a uniform and consistent size. The KEK Cone Mill is globally recognised as one of the most versatile size reduction milling machines, due to the wide range of materials it processes. The KEK range includes the widest available, from lab through to bulk production and are widely used in the food processing industries, as well as pharmaceutical and chemical processing.

KEK Cone Mills have the ability to take a wide range of feed material and produce an equally wide range of product; making this milling machine ideal for intermediate sizing in both wet and dry granulation. For maximum process versatility, it also includes variable speed control.
Added Value

Kemutec KEK Cone Mills provide a gentle, low energy form of size reduction and effectively eliminate traditional milling problems such as noise, the generation of heat and dust – which reduces air filtration installation costs.

The gentle grinding action is controlled, even within fine limits, while still maintaining a close particle size distribution. The typical milled particle size ranges from D50 between 500 – 1.500 micron.

There are models for under-driven and top-driven operation; removing any limitations you may have with space or the existing set-up.
Safety and Customisation

With safety in mind, all drive components are fully concealed, while specially designed access points, makes cleaning quick and simple.

As with all Kemutec milling machines, this model can be customised in both design and build, so that they perform precisely for the process and the materials it is intended to grind.

Variants Include

  • 7 sized models in range
  • From 75 mm to 640 mm (3″ to 25″)
  • Underdriven and top driven models
  • Belt, gearbox and direct motor models

Features and Benefits

  • Grinds material into a uniform size, ensuring consistent quality control
  • Versatile performance to mill and grind a wide variety of materials
  • Ideal even for fatty, heat sensitive and moist products
  • Variable particle size ranging from D50 – 500μ to < 250μ
  • High efficiency operation, gentle grinding motion
  • Low dust; reducing air filtration installation costs
  • Low noise; benefiting the operator
  • Low levels of heat generation – essential for when milling heat sensitive products
  • Variable speed drive, for even greater control
  • Multiple drive configurations, providing higher flexibility

For gentle grinding and deagglomeration, typical applications include:

For the Food Industry

Crushing & Densifying of potato flakes or oats flakes
Grinding granulated sugar to castor sugar
Granulating and densification of dairy powders after spray towers or belt dryers
Granulating before tableting or capsuling, like dextrose
Reworking of chocolate/creme biscuits and confectionery
Producing all kind of fractions of breadcrumbs
Spice mixes / flavours de-lumping/sieving
Dispersing after mixing with fine additives or liquid injection for quality assurance

For the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dry granulation
Wet granulation
Tablet rework and regrind

For the Chemical Industry

Detergent tablet rework
Detergent densification
Soap flakes
Dishwasher tablet rework
Color extension of dye powder in blends
General deagglomeration processing